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Beyond The Box

Our Business Services extend our value beyond just IT Support.

At Superion we believe that IT Support is more than just fixing computers. All our Service Plans include a series of Business Services as a value added benefit. We are aware that all businesses, regardless of size, need to be cost efficient, highly productive and reliable. Our business services provide added value and ensure that you have a true IT Department working with you, not just a technician fixing computers.


Help Desk

Help Desk is our frontline and primary problem remediation system. When our Clients have problems or questions regarding their network systems and devices, they contact our locally staffed and operated help desk team.

Each request or issue is assigned a ticket number for tracking and response measurement. It then follows an escalation procedure for problem or question resolution. This escalation procedure involves telephone support, remote control of the computer (when available) or an on-site visit if required (coverage depending on service plan).


Change Management

Change Management is essentially a subset of our help desk service and is essential to maintaining documentation as well ensuring reliability. Nothing gets touched or changed without tracking who, what, when, where and why anything is changed or modified. Without this attention to detail, updates, upgrades and every problem resolution can have outstanding effects on other users and can lead to bigger issues.


Vendor Management

Vendor Management is a service whereby Superion assists or controls the relationship with technology vendors on behalf of our clients. The purpose of Vendor Management is to alleviate some of the relationship burden that would otherwise occupy our clients’ time. In doing so, Vendor Management allows the client to make better decisions on technology purchases and services.


Asset Management

Asset Management allows us to control and document all the hardware assets used by our clients. Recording purchase dates, warranty expirations and warranty renewals are all a part of this service. Through the use of our tools, this documentation will be tracked and used to form recommendations and budgets for future technology spending.


License Management

License Management extends Asset Management to all software used by our clients. It also extends to responding to Vendor Audit requests, such as the sometimes costly and infamous Microsoft License Audit. We track all license usage and product keys and ensure that you stay 100% compliant with all licensing terms and conditions.


Lifecycle Management

Lifecycle Management is paramount to planning and forecasting your technology budget. No matter what make, model or warranty, all equipment will eventually fail. Determining the most cost effective time for replacement is just one example of Lifecycle Management. This will increase organizational productivity by helping you make informed decisions on IT needs and services. Better purchasing decisions can be made by looking at various resources and their life cycle stages. This allows you to maximize your investment in existing technology without compromising productivity.


Budget Planning

We assist our clients with budget planning to enable them to maintain and grow their technology, as their business plans require. Whether the company is growing and needs a plan to scale their infrastructure, or the company is downsizing and needs to reduce their overhead, we at Superion are here to help our clients accordingly.


Business Review

Business Reviews are meetings with our client’s Executive Management teams in order to review our own performance, the performance and reliability of the client’s equipment, to discuss their business directions and how they relate to the technology being used.


Downstream IT

Downstream IT is designed for our larger clients with internal support staff and extends our ticketing and management system to their staff. It allows us to collaborate on supporting the overall support needs of our clients. It is especially useful for clients with an internal development team that needs constant interaction with our IT Professionals.


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