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What Are Your Employees Doing Online When You Are Not Watching?

What Are Your Employees Doing Online When You Are Not Watching?

Keep Your Business and Employees Safe with an Internet Usage Policy.

An Internet usage policy provides guidelines regarding the appropriate use of company equipment, Interne, and network access. The Internet is a powerful tool however a single moment of inappropriate use can transform the Internet into a huge security threat against your business. An Internet usage policy can help to protect the business and employees.

Employees should be aware of the risks associated with browsing certain websites or downloading files. If the Internet is used improperly, an organization can be subject to a variety of risks including:

Legal Liability

Employees using business-provided Internet access may violate laws which could create legal liability risks for the Employers. For example, if an employee downloads a file that corrupts or steals sensitive data, consumer privacy laws may be violated. Also, consider that the business can be held liable for copyright violations that may occur if employees use the Internet improperly.

Security Risks

The Internet is easily accessible to anyone including identity thieves and various other cybercriminals. Computers and mobile devices connected to the Internet possess a high likelihood of being infected with malware and viruses. Some malicious programs can even result in data loss or theft.

Lost Productivity

Employees often use social media and visit various websites during work hours instead of fulfilling job tasks. If employees aren’t adhering to an Internet usage policy, your company could be losing hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost productivity each year.

Benefits of an Internet Usage Policy

An Internet usage policy will benefit the business and employees in the following ways:

  1. Provide contact information for questions regarding acceptable use.
  2. Decrease the malware and virus infection rates.
  3. Outline penalties that arise from unacceptable use.
  4. Ensure employee’s personal information remains confidential.
  5. Decrease the amount of lost productivity.
  6. Reduce the organizations liability resulting from law violations.

If you are unsure about how to create an Internet usage policy, visit this link (https://www.gfi.com/pages/sample-internet-usage-policy) to help you draft your own policy, or ask your IT support provider as they should be assisting you with this. Once you’ve drafted an Internet usage policy make sure employees read and sign a copy.


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