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Do you have an aging phone system?
Do you know if VOIP or traditional PBX is right for you?
Do you need advanced calling features to improve your communications?
Do you have a reliable email host?
Do you have the latest security and latest features with your email host?


Superion has experience with both PBX and VOIP phone systems.


Superion is a reseller of Easy Office Phone, a leader in the Hosted PBX solutions. Their Hosted PBX lets you stay connected anywhere, anytime. Work from remote locations, on the road, home offices or even from overseas.

We have experience with both PBX and VOIP phone systems from a variety of manufacturers including Shoretel and Cisco systems. We also work with multiple service providers.

Next to your phone system, your email host is the most critical component of your communications platform. Superion fully supports Microsoft Exchange both in private and hosted iterations. We are also a reseller and support Kerio Connect Mail Server as a secure and reliable alternative to Exchange.

Superion can help you design, migrate, deploy and maintain a variety of phone and email communications platforms.


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