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What happens to your business if client data is stolen?
Are you using the practical steps for securing your network?
Are you still receiving more spam than legitimate email?
Have you lost staff to competitors? Did they take your data with them?

No business, no matter the size, industry, or market is immune to the threats to their data. Small Business has become the next frontier for the worlds hackers as they know that a majority of those businesses do not follow best practices for security. Superion makes security it paramount concern when designing, deploying and maintaining IT solutions.


We have experience with:


Internet Security

We work with a variety of firewalls, remote access solutions and security solutions to maximize intrusion prevention. We have the greatest experience with SonicWall technologies (though not limited to). As the first line of defense, it is essential to make sure that your firewall is the correct model needed for your business, and has the correct levels of security required to provide a baseline for defense.


Anti-Virus / Anti-Spyware

We have experience with Symantec, AVG, Kapersky, and a handful of other solutions. Our Managed IT Services clients receive, as part of our service plans (at no additional cost), VIPRE for Anti-Virus and HitmanPro for Anti-spyware as these have proven to us to be the most effective overall. These solutions integrate into our monitoring system and allow us to ensure they are being effective.



A challenge to every business is the resource drain and security risk that SPAM can have. We have experience with SonicWALL Email Security (hosted or Private) as well as SpamSoap, McAfee, and a number of other hosted Anti-Spam solutions.


Email Security / Corporate Compliance

Many of the Anti-spam solutions also extend services such as Gateway Anti-Virus, Email Archiving and Corporate Compliance. It can be critical to security to block emails from being received that contain threats. It is often a requirement (specifically for public companies) to retain ALL emails, at the server level, for a specific amount of time, and similarly there may be corporate compliance requirements such as tagging all outbound emails with a confidentiality notice, or blocking emails with specific content from being sent.


Employee Theft

Often overlooked but the essentials for securing your data start from within. Many small businesses don’t think their employees would take information from them to a competitor, but it happens more that you might think. There is a balance between security and easy of use that typically needs to be found. File permissions, access tracking, and blocking methods of transmission are some of the common methods that Superion has experience with.

Security is a constantly changing landscape that requires continual monitoring, upgrades, and testing. Superion has experience with this and we put that experience to work for our Managed IT Services clients.


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