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Network Infrastructure

Do you have a wiring plan? Is it updated?
Do you have network bottlenecks impacting performance?
Is your network secure?
Does your wireless signal reach where it is needed?
Do you have mobile workforces that need secure remote access?


Superion has Network Infrastructure experience with:


Data and Voice Cabling

We provide data and wiring services for smaller jobs and work with a variety of contractors for larger or more complex jobs. We make sure that the network is clearly mapped, documented and labeled and we help ensure that the overall design and products used allow for maximum reliability and performance.


Switches and Routing

The core connectivity of a network is often overlooked but is arguably the most significant element of any network. Next to the physical wiring, switches are the hub of the flow of data and require proper planning and selection to ensure network reliability and availability. Bottlenecks are common place when poor planning occurs which can translate to significant loss in production for businesses. Superion can help with this and we go further by monitoring our client’s switches to ensure they operate as expected.



A proper firewall is not just essential for security but also network performance, reliability, and accessibility. We work with a number of makes and models, although we have the most extensive experience with SonicWALL. It is important to ensure that you have the correct level of firewall to meet your business needs and also to ensure you are compliant with regulations such as PCI Compliance.



It can be difficult for most businesses to find the balance between security, ease of use and reliability when it comes to wireless networks. As we shift to tablets and mobile devices, wireless plays an increasingly significant role. Superion has experience with Dell, SonicWALL, HP, DLINK and Cisco solutions.


VPN / Remote Access

We have experience with a variety of VPN and remote access solutions including SSLVPN and IPSEC. We also have experience with Citrix and Terminal Services/Remote Desktop solutions to maximize remote access performance.

Network Infrastructure is the foundation for a responsive, reliable and secure IT experience. Superion has the knowledge and experience to deliver it.


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