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Servers and Virtualization

Are you getting the most out of your server hardware?
Are you realizing the benefits of virtualization for disaster recovery?
Do you need to integrate Apple and Microsoft solutions?
Are your server applications optimally deployed and secured?
Do you have enough storage for future needs?


Superion has Server and Virtualization experience with:



We work with both Hyper-V and VMW platforms to maximize the use of servers and storage. We are strong proponents of virtualizing and can design, deploy, migrate, monitor, manage and otherwise maintain virtualized environments.


Server Hardware

Whether virtualized or physical, a server needs to be designed, installed and maintained properly to minimize downtime and maximize the value of the investment in the hardware. Superion works with a variety of makes and models, most commonly HP and Dell.


Server OS

There are varied requirements for each unique business and often that means using multiple platforms for servers. Superion works with Windows Server, Linux and Mac OS Server as needed for supporting integrated and secure environments for our clients.


Server Apps

From Apache, Joomla, and IIS to SharePoint, SQL and WordPress with countless apps in between, we learn and adapt to each application as needed. There are dozens of common apps found on nearly every server that we have extensive experience with and there are typically custom apps that require specialized support. We get to know the applications that are unique to our clients, learn and adapt as we can and work with 3rd party companies to support those applications as needed.


Storage Systems

Media, Archiving, Version Control, and backups are just a few of the drivers of storage needs for any business. Storage should be scalable, reliable and have optimal performance. We have experience with Dell, HP, Promise, EMC, Tandberg and many other storage solutions with a variety of connectivity types such as iSCSI, eSATA and Fiber.

Servers and Virtualization is the fuel to drive the data and applications that run your business and continue to form the foundation for a responsive, reliable and secure IT experience. Superion has the knowledge and experience to deliver it.


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