Superion Brings Stability to Engineering Firm

TRK Engineering, a leader in the wireless communications field, contacted Superion in April of 2012 as they were in need of improving their IT Support and aging technology infrastructure. At the time they were being supported by an employee who was working as one of their engineers. This employee’s attention was divided amongst multiple duties and as a result was spending more time on IT and less time on billable services. This resulted in an infrastructure that was aging, numerous problems that went unresolved, performance degradation of the equipment and extreme risk of loss of data due to an inadequate backup solution being used. The owner was frustrated, and the staff grew tired of excuses. Collectively they lost faith in their IT management.

Superion met with the Company’s owner, Randy Marks to discuss how outsourcing their IT support needs to Superion would drastically improve their situation. They demonstrated that by resolving the outstanding issues, implementing a monitoring system, proactively maintaining their equipment to prevent problems from occurring and overhauling their infrastructure within their budget allowance, Superion could restore their faith in IT and maximize the value of their investment in technology.

Superion Took Control of their IT

Superion was hired. In order to quickly document the network and transfer the general knowledge to their team, they immediately met with the employee who was looking after the IT as well as the other employees to discover what issues were outstanding.

Superion then deployed agent tools to analyze the total IT environment and they discovered a multitude of issues:

  • Little or no patching
  • Under-performing workstations with unauthorized software installed
  • No life-cycle management of equipment
  • No reliable method of backup was in place
  • Hardware failures on their primary server

Superion Built an Action Plan to Remedy the Issues

Superion updated the Company’s management on the degree and severity of the issues discovered and demonstrated how they could impact productivity. Once the recommendations for changes were approved, Superion began to remedy the issues.

They started by:

  • Patching computers
  • Installing a centralized and monitored security suite
  • Cleaning up workstations and optimizing performance
  • Installing their centrally monitored antivirus solution
  • Made recommendations for standardization and upgrade of aging/failing equipment
  • Installed a new email and email security system
  • Implemented a complete disaster recovery plan including offsite backup

They worked within the budget requirements of the Company to co-ordinate the replacement of aging equipment, starting with the most problematic and insecure systems. Over a period of time (as the company’s budget allowed) they replaced the majority of the aged equipment to meet the client’s needs and business goals.

Superion implemented solutions such as HP Desktops, Dell Servers, SonicWALL Firewalls, HP Switches and Microsoft Windows 7 Pro.

Today – A Happy Client

Today the Company is covered by Superion’s Elite service plan with 24/7 monitoring, system maintenance, help desk and remote and onsite service, for an all-inclusive monthly flat fee. Superion monitors and manages approximately 30 computers and 3 servers.

As a result, the Company has seen a dramatic improvement in the stability and reliability of their IT infrastructure and their staff rarely encounters loss of productivity.

The executives at the Company are extremely pleased:

We reached out to Superion in April of 2012 as we needed a reliable and responsive I.T. Support company. At the time we had an internal resource that wasn’t working out for us and we decided to outsource our support, instead of keeping it internal. Superion came onboard, fixed a number of issues, supported the equipment we had, and helped us plan for improvements and a change in location. They designed a new network, and deployed the necessary equipment, and have been maintaining it effectively. We now have confidence that our network is secure, our data is fully protected and highly available, and we have a predictable budget for our I.T. support costs. Superion is without a doubt, responsive to our needs, and very reliable.
– Randy Marks

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