“Train people well enough so they can leave. Treat them well enough so they don’t want to.”
– Richard Branson

Others talk a lot about their “competitive advantage”. They tout their help desk services, their response time, and their services in general. To us, these are all “permissions to play”. If Superion® didn’t already do these phenomenally well, we wouldn’t be in business. What truly differentiates Superion® is our combination of People, Processes, and Values. These drive our success with providing an Exceptional Client Experience for everyone that interacts with us. Continue reading below.


Everything starts with our People. The experience our clients receive stems from our ability to bring together people who collectively share their knowledge, experience, and passion to the benefit of our clients. At Superion® we seek out people that are ideal team players; people that are humble, hungry to succeed, and emotionally smart. We work those people to train and certify on the core technologies that drive our Client’s businesses. Superion® is committed to working with them for continuous improvement.

Mike Burton, Chief Executive Officer

Born and raised in North Delta, Mike has been involved with technology since the early 90’s. He has always had a passion for technology and for helping others get past the hurdles that technology can bring, and quickly earned the title of “The IT Guy”. During the late 90’s and early 2000’s he found that he had a unique ability to apply systems and processes to bring order to the otherwise chaotic world of IT Support.

Wherever Mike worked, he was quickly promoted until ultimately, he realized that the only way to deliver the best possible experience was to build his own company where he can set the foundation and put the focus where it needs to be: on the Customer AND Employee Experience. He founded Superion® in 2008 to do just that and started recruiting people that had a similar drive and passion for helping people with technology.  He works with his team to train and certify on the core technologies that drive business and he is committed to work with his team on continuous improvement.

Matt Morgan, Vice President of Managed Services

After graduating from SFU with a degree in Computer Science, Matt was not intending to join IT Management industry. That changed when he received a call from a headhunter in 2007, and then interviewed with Mike Burton, they have been working together since.

The thing Matt enjoys most in his work is finding and building IT solutions that help customers reach their businesses goals. He also takes pride in the fact that Superion® has set its own standards and processes to deliver exceptional customer service. In an industry where passing the buck is the norm: “It’s not a hardware problem, call the software vendor.” Superion® is different because we take ownership and see our customers’ issues through to resolution.

On a more personal note, Matt recently has become a father to a rambunctious daughter (now 1 year old as of writing). He enjoys spending time with his family and playing the violin; although he does the latter less than he used to.

Natalie Burton, Executive Assistant and Accounting Admin

Natalie brings her need for organizing, structure, and planning into focus for the benefit of the team. She makes sure the books are kept straight, the lights stay on, and the staff get paid.

Superion® is as much a part of Natalie’s life as it is Mike’s as the two of them were married not long before Superion® was founded. She was involved in one way or another until 2012 when she officially came on board as an Executive Assistant.

She enjoys bringing order to chaos, and making sure things run smoothly behind the scenes. Her creative side is put to work making custom cards, such as the “Thank-You” cards we send out for referrals.

When she is not working, she is busy applying her skills to managing her home life, and supporting her family.

Andrew Hiscock, Technical Support Professional 

Andrew has always had a passion for helping people. Specifically, he has used this passion to build the tools that allow people to be more productive in their own work, as well as in their business. Before Superion®, Andrew worked for 6 years as an independent computer consultant. However, over time he felt that what he had to offer would be better leveraged within a team. “Joining Superion is probably the best thing I have done in my career. Working within a cooperative and fun team environment has been a rewarding experience.”

Andrew has not always worked in the IT industry; however, over the last 28 years of his professional career he has racked up at least 16 years of direct IT experience. The rest of his working life has consisted of a wide range of different jobs; and even in those positions he has always been “That Guy” that people asked to take care of IT issues. This combination of skills and experiences serves him well when working in the field!

On a personal note, Andrew still manages “Game Night” with the guys on a semi regular basis, but what he really wants to do is get back to Heavy Combat and Archery with the Society for Creative Anachronism. He says, “Anyone who has kids knows there is a demarcation point from what you used to do and what you do now!”

Darren Jesperson, Technical Support Professional

Darren started off by receiving his post secondary education in the electronics field. With this, he then moved slightly over to working with computers and technology in the security industry. He has since continued in IT, to what has now been over 25 years in the industry with over a dozen IT certifications, as well as a diploma in computer maintenance technology.

Darren has worked with the owners of Superion® for over 25 years throughout their careers. He has maintained their relationship due to their common commitment to using correct products, solutions, as well as setting best practices. What he loves most about the IT industry is that everyday can bring a new challenge – from quick resolutions to all night jobs – because IT does not always follow what is expected. He has so much passion for this industry especially when he is helping his clients. Darren prides him self in never giving up on an issue until it is resolved.

On a personal note, Darren loves to find the humour in things whenever possible, including working in the industry through Y2K and being disappointed with the results. He also is married with two children: a teen and a toddler, as of writing, and enjoys the challenges parenting can bring. His interests and hobbies also include, technology, sci-fi, hiking, and volunteering in leading youth organizations.

Wayne Stokes, Technical Support Supervisor

Wayne’s background in IT has always been customer focused. In many cases it has been in tightly regulated industries. Coming from a varied background, Wayne has had roles in every part of the IT support chain. Such roles being a supplier of hardware, to managing small IT departments, and of course, providing direct IT support.

Having been involved in outsourcing large parts of IT support for previous employers, he has experienced the frustrations and pain of “bad” IT companies. Such as companies who refuse to take responsibility, who are not willing to engage with other parties, and whom seem only willing to do the bare minimum required.  Wayne takes pride in knowing first hand how important trust and credibility are, especially when a company hands over such a vital part of their infrastructure to a third party.

Wayne has a very simple approach to dealing with support issues – “I simply ask myself at each step of the way if I’m treating the customer the way I’d want to be treated in their position. Incredibly, so many companies, not just in IT, get this wrong. However, I am pleased to say my view of treating the customer right is perfectly aligned with company ethics and values here at Superion.”

Steven Astle, Technical Support Supervisor

Steven has been working in the IT industry since 2007, starting in a small shop that did mostly custom PC builds and consumer repairs. He’s worked with various companies in various roles and has strived to maintain a more human-centric view on technology “I’ve worked with a lot of techs who only want to talk about Giga-giblets and Mega-waffles, but what people really want to know is ‘how does this computer make my job easier?’ and ‘how can this phone keep me close to the people I care about’”.

Steven has experimented on and off in the construction industry. He could probably build you a house, but admits it would likely burn down and/or collapse before long. He learned 2 things working with contractors: working outside in BC is only fun May-September, and technical ability means nothing if you can’t stay organized, on-schedule, and maintain open communication with your client.

In his personal life, Steven enjoys playing games with his friends (with equal love to both board and video games). He’s a terrible hockey player whose key ability is keeping his team in good spirits on the bench as they march to defeat.


This is what holds it all together. The glue between the People and the Values.

The cold reality of information technology is there is no singular method for doing pretty much anything. Traditionally, every technician learns how to do something differently, with the same goal in mind, while reaching radically different results. The only way to ensure that each interaction with a client is handled in a manner that drives an exceptional experience is to build, document and train on processes that can be repeated.  These processes become the backbone of how Superion® ensures our People are following our Values. This in turn results in our Exceptional Client Experience.


The values are the guiding principles that drive the behaviour of our people and form Superion® culture. They create a focus on individual success through effective teamwork and therefore team success. We coach and motivate our people based on these values to ensure they are truly adopted and not just words on paper. When combined with our Processes, they help ensure our People are consistently delivering an Exceptional Client Experience.


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