Superion® Saves Manufacturing Company from Catastrophic Data Loss

Analytic Systems Ware Ltd. is a high profile manufacturing firm with over 100 employees. Over their 37 year history they had relied on a number of different people to support their IT needs but suddenly realized that they were not being supported to the degree they believed they were. Their server had failed, their backups were not functioning and they faced the ultimate threat to any business – the loss of their core business data.

They reached out in search of a company with a strong reputation for responsiveness and reliability, not only to help them with their current situation, but for the long term. They needed someone they could trust so they reached out to Superion®.

Superion® Assessed the Extent of the Problem

Superion® sent out multiple Engineers to assess the severity of the issue and discovered that the primary server had been corrupted and that their backups were not recoverable. They were facing the risk of complete loss of their business data.

Superion® Worked Day and Night Until They Solved the Problem and got the firm back online by:

  • Recovering data from the drives on the failed server.
  • Implementing temporary hardware and rebuilding their entire network domain.
  • Redesigning the network with adequate fault tolerance and backup systems.
  • Implementing a disaster recovery to ensure they never experienced that risk again.

Superion® worked 24/7 over the weekend to restore access to the office and planned a complete migration of the firm’s data to a more robust, highly available network design, using multiple core servers and virtualization technologies. They also reduced the firm’s backup windows to as low as 15 minutes and used a secondary offsite location where they replicate their data, employing a disk-to-disk to offsite disk backup solution.

Superion® utilized and deployed Dell servers, Promise VessRAID, SonicWALL NSA Class Firewall, SonicWALL Email Security, HP Procurve switches, VMWare VSphere, MS Windows 2008 R2 server software.

Today – A Happy Client

Today, the Company is covered by Superion’s® Pro service plan with 24/7 monitoring, system maintenance, helpdesk and remote service, for an all-inclusive monthly flat fee. Superion® monitors and manages approximately 90 computers and 12 servers across 2 locations.

As a result, the Company has seen a dramatic improvement in the stability and reliability of their IT infrastructure and their staff rarely encounters loss of productivity.

The executives at the Company are extremely pleased:

In 2009 we had a disaster recovery situation that our internal resources could not resolve on their own. We called Superion® to assist with the recovery, and subsequently to take over support of our critical systems. They helped us redesign our network and infrastructure to better align with our needs. Shortly after that we made the decision to have Superion® take over ALL of our I.T. Support, which allowed us to re-deploy our resources. They currently look after 12 servers and approx. 90 computers for us at multiple locations. They have eliminated un-predicted downtime for our critical systems, and are responsive to the daily needs of our staff. Their Help Desk is extremely efficient and easy to communicate with. We are very happy with our decision to outsource to Superion®.

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